About Us

Krystal Jones founded Krystal Clear Cleaning Service LLC in 2016. With over seven years of experience in the industry, she established the needs for childcare facilities, office buildings, residential properties, hair salons and the list goes on. No two businesses have the same needs, that's why we clean each place as if it's our own.

 "I wanted a brand of my own that not only made customers feel comfortable but valued as well. I wanted to take healthy cleaning to another level, with my own all natural products! There's already enough elements taking a toll on our health, I didn't want cleaning products to be another," says Krystal.


"Excellent work cleaned everything I asked and was pleased across the board!"

-Todd W.


We are pleased to supply a letter of recommendation for Krystal Clear Cleaning Service LLC. In their time with us, we have been completely satisfied with their office cleaning and floor maintenance service. They provided all natural cleaning products that left our office refreshing. Krystal and her team carry themselves professionally, very detail oriented and with a very warming attitude.

-Tom R

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